Saturday, July 6, 2013

Escargot Pizza?!?!

Yesterday was the traditional Pizza Night over at my dad's, and yet again, we picked up some DELICIOUS Take-N-Bake Pizzas from Tenuta's Deli. And anyway, I looove pizza, and I looove escargot, and I looove unique food combinations, so I grabbed a tin of escargot snails, ordered my custom "RiRi's Pizza (aka Ham, Roasted Red Peppers, Onions, and Mushrooms...just without the ham this time)", and, like a mad scientist, put the two together!

REVIEW: Kellogg's Krave Double Chocolate Cereal

Kellogg's Krave is a pretty neat idea. I mean, sure, sure, we've all had a chocolate-flavored cereal at least ONCE in our life, but chocolate-filled? That's a completely different story! Chocolate-filled things are, like, eclairs... Not cereal!!! It's novel, it's intriguing- It's a cereal that just MUST be reviewed!
Krave was actually first released over in the UK, and came in five different flavors: Chocolate Hazelnut (drool), Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Caramel, Totally Chocolatey, and White Chocolate Brownie. Of course, over here in the US, we only get standard Chocolate and Double Chocolate... What's up with that? We NEED Hazelnut, Caramel, and White Chocolate Brownie over here too, please! Just thought I'd add that if you're happening upon this article, Kellogg's...
I didn't buy this box of Krave with my own money, but I'd imagine one costs about 4 to 5 dollars.
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