So What Is Sweet & SavoRi?

         Sweet & SavoRi is a blog for people who love food, but DON'T love to take a chance spending good money on products that themselves are NOT good. Because that stinks. Know what could happen if you buy a bad product? You could end up penniless with only a box of granola bars to your name- and the only reason you HAVE those granola bars is because they're totally inedible! You literally CAN'T get rid of them! They follow you around everywhere- no one will hire you because you have this dirty, flimsy box of nasty little snack bars. 
Either that or because you're a hobo who hasn't taken a shower in six months. Or because of your dirty hobo beard, which you have- even though you're a lady. Your beard isn't the worst it be could though- It could be filled with disgusting food bits like oats and chocolate chips stuck inside- but that's not gonna happen because there's no way in hell you're eating those disgusting granola bars you spent all your money on. Those nasty, stinky, job-taking, interview-ruining, beard-growing, hygiene-reducing, apparently crazy expensive granola bars.
Don't you want to avoid that?!
That's why Sweet & SavoRi is here- to tell you exactly what products are extraordinary, and exactly what products aren't. We grade the products on a scale of one to ten, along the way highlighting the most important details of the foods and the average price. You'll find a lot of the reviews are on things like snack bars or cereals, because those are what I like to eat. But I try to get a review in of ANY FOOD I think someone out there would like to read about, so don't think you'll never find reviews of soups, ice cream, chips... You get the picture! I like to mix it up- keep things interesting, y'know. I also do reviews of fast-food and chain restaurant items.
While Sweet & SavoRi focuses mostly on big, national product and restaurant reviews, we also do reviews on local Kenoshan restaurants and foods (Oh ya, right up here in Wisconsin, dontcha' know?), and also do reviews on recipes created by others online or those found in cookbooks. When reviewing a local restaurant, we tend to stick to reviewing the place as a whole, not just one menu item, unlike when posting reviews of national restaurants.
Sweet & SavoRi doesn't focus exclusively on health, but it is an important thing to note and we DO take into consideration how healthy a product is when reviewing it, but only if that product actually touts itself as a nutritious food. You wouldn't give potato chips a bad grade just because they aren't sweet, right??? Because they aren't SUPPOSED to be! Likewise, we won't give unhealthy products bad reviews if they aren't supposed to be specifically good for you.
I might also throw in a homemade review of mine into the posts every now and again as well... But while I'm good at following other people's instructions, I kind of have a hard time making them up for myself, you know? It's like a great piano player- There are people who can play Mozart with the best of them, but can't create a lick of music on their own. That's just how it goes sometimes.
Oh! You also gotta go check out the adorable, heroic, dashing mascot of Sweet & Savori- Odysseus the Hedgehog. Although he doesn't serve much more of a purpose other than being eye-candy, candy is a food, so he has a place here. Plus, hedgehogs are omnivores, so they're like, the foodies of nature! They don't stick to JUST ONE food group like dumb ol' carnivores or herbivores. Odysseus even eats mealworms, for heaven's sake! He's more of a food connosseiur than I am!
Other than that... That's about the gist of it. If you want to know more, you can contact me here, or check out Sweet & Savori's Facebook page here. Also, check out our Urbanspoon page! The more hits it gets, the closer Sweet & SavoRi will get to being the top food blog in Milwaukee!!! (at least by Urbanspoon standards).
So, with that, I guess I'm done here!

Till' then, this has been RiRi ri-porting!

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