Saturday, May 17, 2014

Review: Subway Pepperoni Flatizza

Heyyyyy, everybody! How it's been???
...............Looks like I got some explaining to do for my sudden absence, huh?
Well, trust me, it has got NOTHING to do with sheer laziness.
Well, maybe a little. But you can't hardly blame me- I'm just a kid!
It's not like I meant to just stop writing, I really didn't... It just sort of happened like that. Things got a little busy and I didn't find myself having any time to write food review posts. There are a few reasons for this, of course:
1. School
2. Extracurricular activities
3. Sheer laziness
4. Trying to focus on what I want to do over what I feel I "have" to do
5. Another writing project (which may or may NOT be a book- I'll never tell!)
So there you have it! And, well, with all these things taking up my time, it gets a bit hard to write on the ol' blog. Especially with that last reason. Really, you don't wanna finish writing something just to start writing something MORE. I mean, BLAH! ...But I know the responsibilities of a blog, and I would never EVER want to disappoint my readers, cuz' that's not cool. That'd make me, like, a traitor! So, here's a BRAND NEW blog post! Yaaaaaaaaay!
Like I said, I feel incredibly bad for just dropping out of the blogging world, without giving even a moment's notice or anything of the sort... I can't promise this won't happen again, but I will, for sure, tell all of you ahead of time if I'm going to put my blog writing on a brief hiatus from here on out. So, I'm really sorry everyone! I am! And in all honesty, I wasn't even sure if I was ever going to return to the world of food reviews anytime soon. But someone came along and inspired me to get writing again- my boyfriend! Yup, I have a boyfriend now, and he's the sweetest, strongest, funniest guy you'll ever meet!
Yeah, my boyfriend is the best- he evens likes to read Sweet & SavoRi. And one day, he really wanted me to review Subway's New Flatizzas. I didn't know when I'd really get around to it, but luckily I went to Subway just in the nick of time! For you see, today is me and my boyfriend's one-month anniversary and I really thought it'd be nice to write the review he ever so wanted me to write for the celebration. It may not seem like much, but I'm flat broke, y'know, and it's the thought that counts! Either way, I hope you like the review, baby!
So, right- like I said, this time I'll be reviewing Subway's Pepperoni Flatizza! It comes with sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and all the veggies you want- a six inch costs $4.00.

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