Sunday, March 22, 2015

Review: Fiber One's Protein Cookies & Creme Chewy Bar

Hey, everyone! After a very long hiatus, Sweet and SavoRi is back! I'm sorry it's been so long. I know I suddenly dropped off the blogging scene, which was a very unprofessional and very uncool thing of me to do. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone who read Sweet and SavoRi got impatient after waiting so long for this blog to update and just gave up reading altogether. BUT! If there is anyone still out there, I can't apologize enough for just quitting on my writing all of a sudden. I feel tremendously bad for stopping my blog posts all of a sudden without a word about it or anything. I promise, this WON'T happen again. And if it does, burn me at the stake!!! (...Just kidding. Please don't do that). So, if anyone out there is willing to forgive me, I couldn't be anymore grateful, and I hope you will enjoy Sweet and SavoRi's latest review- a review of Fiber One's Protein Cookies & Creme Chewy Bar!
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