Tuesday, March 25, 2014

REVIEW: Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt

Who doesn't love yogurt? Well... probably more people than I think, but... oh well. I'm doing a yogurt review anyway! And, like all most of my yogurt reviews, I'm doing another one on Chobani. If you haven't guessed already, I really like Chobani. I like any Greek yogurt, really. I'm not gonna dictate your food habits or anything- I'm not that type of gal -but if you've never tried Greek yogurt yet, you really should. Although, Greek yogurt is a really big thing by now, so I'm guessing most of you have tried at least one cup of Greek yogurt before. It's everywhere in stores now. Like, just five years ago, it wasn't. My, my... life moves pretty fast!

So anyway, today I'll be reviewing Chobani's Strawberry Greek Yogurt.
A 5.3 oz. container costs around $1.29.

One container (150g) contains 120 calories, 0 of them being from fat, 0g of total fat, 0g of saturated fat, 0g of trans fat, 5mg of cholesterol, 60mg of sodium, 19g of total carbohydrates, 4g of dietary fiber, 15g of sugar, and 12g of protein.

This yogurt starts out as a plain yogurt base, with all the strawberry goodness located on the bottom. After stirring it up for a minute or so, I was ready to taste-test. This flavor of Chobani is very, really sweet- unlike some of the flavors, which are sweet, but in a mild, pastel kind of way. The flavor was also full of fruit goodness, and there were several soft, gooey strawberry pieces to go around. The overall texture was creamy and rich, soft and smooth

Overall, this has got to be my most favorite flavor of Chobani yet! This flavor was very sweet and packed in a lot of strawberry deliciousness. Sometimes, Greek yogurt fails to taste as sweet as regular yogurt, but this Chobani variety didn't fail me today. It was just as sweet as regular yogurt, and plenty more healthy. Totally try this flavor of Chobani- it's a keeper! I would definitely buy it again.
I'd give Chobani's Strawberry Greek Yogurt a 9/10.

Need other views from those who chewed? Brand Eating also has this one reviewed.

What is YOUR favorite flavor of Chobani? Let us know in the comments below!

Till' then, this has been RiRi ri-porting!

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