Tuesday, October 29, 2013

REVIEW: Fiber One Oats & Chocolate Bar

Hey everybody!!! I know it's been awhile- a terribly LONG while- but I've been swamped! Well, not really during the summertime, I don't really have an excuse for that other than feeling too lazy to do even a degree of work- but certainly since school's started! Not only have I had to go to THAT for seven hours, five days a week, but I also had cross country practice on top of that. But since the cross season is now officially OVER, I guess I can start to play catch-up.
Like I said, I'm really, really sorry I haven't written up a post in awhile. I almost feel traitorous, completely dropping out when my blog just grew and grew in popularity. In fact, I was even mentioned over at the Impulsive Buy!!! That hit me hard, seeing I was getting all this recognition and doing no work...
But let bygones be bygones, am I right? So here's a new review!

This time I'm reviewing Fiber One's Oats & Chocolate Chewy Bar. It was 99 cents for a single unit.
A single 40g bar has 140 calories- 35 of those being from fat, 4g of total fat, 2g of saturated fat, no trans fat, no cholesterol, 90mg of sodium, 29g of total carbohydrates, 9g of dietary fiber, 10g of sugar, and 2g of protein.
Opening it up, Fiber One's bar looks like most standard granola bars. Oats, crisped rice, shiny texture, y'know... But I'll admit the chocolate drizzle is rather cute!!!
And here's the bottom of the bar. Looks like they worked hard to distribute the chocolate chips evenly.

Anyway, this tastes just like a Quakers Chewy Chocolate Chip Bar. Which is a good thing, considering that (a) this bar has WAY more fiber and (b) Quaker Chewy Bars are delicious. Which in turn, would make this bar considerably delicious. Fiber One's bar isn't anything new, so I wouldn't write home about it, but it sure is tasty!
This bar was very sweet-tasting- couldn't even taste the fiber. The chocolate chips were surprisingly dense and chocolatey, and the drizzle was tasty too! The crisped rice and oats tasted just like most commercial granola bars' oats and rice mixtures.
The only problem I had with this bar was that it was really sticky. I mean, REALLY! I placed it on a napkin so I had a nice backdrop for the pictures, but then I had a tough time pulling the bar off when it came time to eat it. In fact, some napkin got stuck on part of my bar when I DID get it off. So, I wouldn't reccomened eating this on paper napkins, obviously. Or a nice shirt.

I think I'll award this Fiber One Chewy Bar a 7/10. It had a sweet taste reminiscent of regular chewy granola bars, but with 35% of my daily fiber. It won't win any awards for taste or anything, since, like I said, it tastes like SO MANY products out these days. But it's still a sweet way to get your daily fiber in. I enjoyed it.

Do you like Fiber One's Chewy Bars? Which flavors?

Till' next time, this has been RiRi ri-porting!

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