Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Poem for Mama

Happy Mother's Day, all of you moms out there! Today's the day your kids will completely smother you in love, I hope. I mean, they should anyway. I don't know all of you reader-moms, but if you're anything like my Mama, then you totally deserve nothing but the best on this special day.

Mom, will your kids make you breakfast in bed? That'd be nice, wouldn't it? What would you ask them to make? I remember when I was younger, I'd fold up a piece of paper and make it into a menu, taking into account every breakfast food we had in the kitchen during that time. I'd have a section labeled "Drinks" and another labeled "Omelets", one labeled "Sides"- you get the picture. And then, instead of having prices, everything was put down as "FREE". It was Mother's Day, y'know? Anyway, I liked to do that. It was always fun to be creative with the menu's layout.
Then, once she was up, I'd take Mama's order. She'd always get coffee, with some sugar and creamer. I'd get that to her first before starting on the food. Mama would take a drink and say it tasted just right. That made younger-me happy- Getting coffee "just right" is a tough thing to do.
After looking over the menu, Mama would usually get some sort of egg dish. Some years, it was omelets, with any fillings she wanted. Others, it was sunny-side eggs. There might have been times when her order was for over-easy or scrambled, but it's been so long- I can't remember. Mama would also have toast with jam most times, and a side of fruit, which I'd arrange into an eye-pleasing display. Maybe a couple of breakfast sausages would be ordered as well. Hey, I just found a picture of last year's breakfast extravaganza!

The breakfast always turned out lovely. I'd set it on a platter we had and bring it to Mama- with my little brother's help, if he had gotten up by that point. Mama would always smile real big when she saw her breakfast and proclaim something like, "Wow!" or "Beautiful, you guys!" We'd sit on Mama's bed and give her the gifts and cards we had bought some days prior. She'd open them and say "Aww! I love you two!" and shower us with hugs and kisses.
My brother would eventually take off to make a breakfast of his own, but I'd wait. I liked being able to sit with Mom. It filled me with pride, knowing she liked my cooking. I liked watching her enjoy every single bite. Sometimes, we'd share the fruit salad. She'd always finish most of the breakfast, but not all of it. Every year was a big order. But I never minded. I loved the thanks I got for making Mama breakfast-in-bed. It made me feel special inside.
But this year, we're going out for brunch at Casa Capri. I don't mind at all, really- I cook a lot more than just once a year nowadays. I've usually got something cooking on the stove by the time Mama comes home from work. It'll be nice to have the cooking done for me! And it'll be a buffet! What's better than that? We went to the same brunch last year with my Gma, and it was really swell. I'm sure this year'll be no different. Perhaps I'll write about our brunch in a later post, but not right now... I'd rather talk about Mama.
Mama is the best mom in the world. Really, there is no competition. I mean, I'd think at my age I'd be saying things like, "Ewwwww, it's my mom. Why can't she shut up?"
Well... maybe not. I think that's a stereotype of teenagers, really. Sure, I've heard my friends complain about their moms sometimes, but they'd never say things like that. Even I complain about my parents once in awhile.
But really, Mama is great. She's kind, she's funny, she's down-to-earth... and pretty to boot! She's the type of mom who's not only a mom, but also a friend. She knows when its okay to have fun and relate, but also when its time to take charge. And she's not afraid to take charge! She's confident. She's brave. She doesn't sweat the small stuff.
Mama's also so supportive. She's supported Sweet and SavoRi more than anyone I know! She's the one who shares every post link, "likes" every update, and helps spread the news about this blog. She pushes my little brother and I to try the very best we can with all we do. We may not always do it perfectly, but that's okay- She's happy as long as we've given it everything we possibly could.
Flowers for Mama from my stepdad and my two stepsisters. How pretty!!!
Mama puts everything she can into all she does too: She's been working really hard to get trim lately. She tries to get on the treadmill everyday, and aims for no less than a distance of two miles each time. She'll come up from the basement (where our treadmill is located), and tell me how she did. I'm always proud of her, no matter what.
And then, she does so much for my little brother and me without asking anything in return. I mean anything! I can't wrap my head around the fact that she's happy to clean for us, happy to shop for us, happy to make sure we have everything we could possibly ever need- for no reason other than the fact she loves us. I wonder why she does this. I just can't imagine doing so much for people and never wanting anything back.  How can someone possibly be so giving? I just don't understand. Her love is a force I can't comprehend.
Really, Mama is my inspiration. She's friendly, she's outgoing, she's positive, she's nice, she's clever, she's a hard worker... She's everything I strive to be and more! And I just want to let her know that I love her like crazy. I hope that this Mother's Day will be a very special day for her. I want her to feel like all of her love since last year has been paid back in full. And maybe, as she reads this, she's feeling that love.
(Hey readers- do you think she really is reading this right now? Should I say something special? ...Oh, oh, I should? Okay, okay- here I go! I hope this sounds good...)
Mama, I just want to let you know how grateful I am to have you in my live.
You're the best possible Mom in the world and I can't imagine live without you.
I hope that today is a day of nothing about love and appreciation for everything you do. I'll be working hard to make it that way.
So, anyway, simply put it, I love you, Mama!!!
(P.S. Here's a tiny poem I wrote. I hope you like it!)

You're the PB to my jelly
The ketchup to my fries
What I'm saying is the truth
This poem holds no lies

You're the pancakes to my syrup
The icing to my cake
You, my Mama, give and give
But never seem to take

You're the peas onto my carrots
The sushi to my rice
How can someone ever be
So extremely nice?

You're the bacon to my eggs
The cereal to my milk
You speak so kind and gently
Your voice is soft as silk

You're the sea salt to my caramel
The hot dog to my bun
Like D.I.Y. fajitas
You're always so much fun!

You're the maple to my bacon
The honey to ham
Mama, I adore ya'
Like your own baby lamb

You're the mac to my cheese
The spaghetti to my sauce
Without you in my life, Mama
I'd be forever lost

You're the chicken to my noodle
The cheese onto my curd...?
Alright, I'll admit that last one
Was a bit absurd

You're the chocolate to my strawberries
The cookie to my dough
Before I take my leave
I just want you to know

You're the tomato to my basil
The jam onto my toast
Out of all the Mamas in the world
I love you the most!


A sneak-peek of Mama's presents... Heehee! 
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