Friday, May 24, 2013

BIG NEWS!!! Chef's Assistant & Cereal Giveaway Winner

Hey everyone, I've got something super important to tell you! Well, important to me anyway:
If you read my review on Cafe La Scala, you may recall my little paragraph on the chef I met while I was there. If not, I'll tell you a little about him. His name is Chris De Santis, and he goes around doing cooking demonstrations and classes for other peeps. He also knows a whole bunch about Italian cooking! (He talks a lot about the regional differences in Italian cuisine here on his blog). And while Italy did not bring to us the perfect deliciousness that is teriyaki chicken, they sure did open up a  whole world of a bunch of other consistently awesome dishes. I mean, sure, they're rather generic, but pizza and spaghetti Bolognese are two of my favorite foods, like, ever!
Anyway, after the chef took a look at my own blog, he said he was very impressed and is considering to hire me as his assistant when he does his various cooking demonstrations.
Wow, right?! How cool is that? I mean, I may not get payed in money, whooo knows, but I will get payed with an expansive amount of cooking knowledge. Kind of like an apprentice or something!
So, to finish this story up, I'll be going over to Chef De Santis' house with Mama and Dad tonight, just so we all can get to know each other and talk about what the job entails... yadda, yadda, yadda... I think it'll go well enough, I have no doubt in that- I'm just really excited. So wish me luck, ya'll!

In other news, time to announce the winner of the 300 Pageviews Cereal Giveaway Contest (drum roll puh-leeze): ...
Aaaand... the box of cereal goes to a young Miss Blog-Nerd! Woohoo! Way to go, sista! And what did you say you want? Smacks? Got it! Alright, your prize will be mailed to you in record time! (Well, this probably isn't record time. I mean, the contest really ended three days ago, but, you know...)
I have to say, however, I was slightly disappointed with the results of the Giveaway. Not that I didn't want Blog-Nerd to win- that isn't what's bugging me- it's that she's the only one who even entered the thing. I mean, hellooo, it's a free box of cereal, people! What's a reason not to enter?
But I think I'm mostly to blame for the bad turnout. I should've advertised more. I don't think I gave out enough reminders about it. I should've re-posted the link for the cereal contest more often. So I apologize for that. Maybe it was just too soon for Sweet and SavoRi to create a contest. Maybe that's really it.
Well... we'll see! Someday, this blog's following will skyrocket in numbers, and I'll post another contest when that times comes- And then, maybe then, a whole bunch of entries will be posted! I can just see it now!

Oh, by the way, would you all like to see my project for my Interior Design class? I just finished it up today! Everyone in the class had to create a 3-D bedroom made out of poster board. We made floor plans for our rooms first, then we transferred our 2-dimensional ideas onto the 3-dimensional space. Our class had to make little miniature pieces of furniture, like beds, tables, sofas, and dressers... Anyway, it was very neat! I enjoyed working on mine immensely.  It was one of those periods of time during school that I wished didn't go by fast. I love little construction projects like these- I really do. Kids have to follow the directions, but at the same time, they can add their own creative touch. Like, for my own room, I added "posters" of Abbey Road, A Hard Day's Night, Billy Joel, pizza, and ice cream. I also placed some Health & Fitness magazines and a Hungry Girl cookbook on my table. And let's not forget the tiny bowl of cereal!!!
Anyway, here are the pics! I hope you like em'!
And with that, till' next time, this has been RiRi Ri-porting!

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