Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Hey everyone: Happy Memorial Day to you all! What are you guys' plans for the day? Grilling out? Sadly, today is a rather dreary and rainy day here in K-Town. My phone says its only gonna be around 55 degrees Fahrenheit all day, and calls for at least a 30% chance of rain throughout this Memorial Day Monday. That's not gonna stop us from grilling out though, no sir! My Dad wanted to do a pork tenderloin for today, but I was like, "No, we should do burgers! Doesn't that sound more Memorial Day-ish?"
Apparently, Dad liked that idea well enough, since that's what were cooking out tonight!

We're not really going to do much today- Probably gonna binge-watch the new season of Arrested Development the whole time. That's okay- It's a rainy day! What else are you supposed to do? Read? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Unless you're reading this blog. Then that's okay.
I think it's a nice day to take things slow anyway. You know, just take some time to relax... We went to a White Sox game yesterday, then grilled out New York Strip Steaks from L&M Meats with some pals over at their place, so my family didn't get home till' real late last night. I think it goes without saying that yesterday was a busy day for us!
You know, I was totally gonna do a whole "What to Eat at U.S. Cellular Field" tidbit on this blog, but I decided not to when my Dad answered my question of "How weird would it be if I asked people if I could take pictures of their food?" with a "Pretty weird."
I can, however, show you what I got to eat...

Ladies and gentleman, may I proudly present to you, the U.S. Cellular Field Veggie Dog!!!

Mmm... Looks good, don't it? And how did it taste?
I hated it!!! It was like eating a thick, mushy, blade of grass. To tell you the truth, I'd never actually had a veggie dog until then- I thought it'd taste just like the nearly-Fat Free Hot Dogs I'm so used to eating. But no, it was disgusting. And you hot dog purists might scoff at the mound of ketchup piled precariously on top of my dog, but believe me, IT NEEDED IT. I think it's saying something when the hot dug bun is tastier than the hot dog itself. It's not often I have a hard time finishing a food because it's just so darn nasty.
Well, it was either the Veggie Dog or an Italian Beef for me during the ballgame. But the Italian Beef's meat was a sickly pale, and the bun it was placed on was looking real wet and mushy, and that's not what I wanted. It looked like it was sweating. Gross! The only part of the bun that should be wet and mushy is the inside, where the beef's juices should get soaked up into. I wasn't going to pay $7.50 for a clearly sub-par sandwich.

Oh well. The Veggie Dog, while it tasted like a tree, did tide me over until dinner, when we grilled out our HUMONGOUS steaks from L&M Meats, a butcher shop and deli right here in Kenosha. Oh man, were those good! They were tender and juicy- My Dad cooked em' up juuuust perfectly! We also had made grilled asparagus and sauteed mushrooms. I wasn't going to have either due to the fact that they were cooked in high-calorie olive oil, but I eventually broke down. I mean, it was a special day anyways! I can indulge! The grilled asparagus was sweet and seasoned perfectly, and the mushrooms were good n- garlicky! A very satisfying dinner indeed!

So, before I go, I'd just like to take a moment to remember all those who have fallen in their line of duty to protect their country. I mean, it's something I honestly could never do. You know- go into the army and all that. To put my own self in harm's way so that everyone at home can rest easy? I just don't have that in me. So all those people who have served- and are serving- our country are truly great guys and gals. Because they can risk their lives for the sake of others! So, I just want to thank them for that. I want to thank them for doing a job I could never, ever do- Not in a million years!
In fact, my step dad is in the Air Force. That makes him one of those people who are truly great- Greater than I, anyways. He's worked real hard at his job, and he has a pretty fancy title to prove it. His rank grants him a lot of perks- Like having reserved parking spaces real close to the entrances of all the buildings on base. It makes grocery shopping a lot less painful, that's for sure.
Anyway, I just want to thank my step dad for all he's done for this country too- Hopefully, he'll be able to retire really soon, and we can all go to ChocolateFest or something for our Memorial Day Weekend! He likes chocolate. It's funny, really, since Mama is super-allergic to the stuff. Opposites attract, I suppose!

Well, I guess that's all I've really got to say, so I'll just end the post here! Like I said, I hope you all have a good Memorial Day- Grill out, enjoy the weather (if it's nice where you live), and have a good time! And keep checking up on Sweet and SavoRi for more food reviews and what-have-you!

Till' next time, this has been RiRi Ri-viewing her Memorial weekend thus far!
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