Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fiber One Assorted Fruit Fruit Flavored Snacks

Hello, everyone! At the behest of one of my readers, Dorothy, I am going to go ahead and try these new fruit snacks from Fiber One! Now, I usually jump at the chance immediately to try NEW products, but I wasn't allowed to eat fruit snacks when I was younger, so I never really developed a taste for them. So, seeing fruit snacks on the market- even if they are new -just kinda evokes an indifferent "meh" from me in response. But since one of my readers requested me to try these, how can I say no? Plus, they seem pretty healthy for fruit snacks, so that's good. I don't really know of any fruit snacks that actually have fiber, except for these. Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and try the Assorted Fruit flavor! I hope that's the one you would suggest, Miss Dorothy! 
So, an 8 oz. box containing ten 0.8 oz. pouches costs around $3.49.

One pouch (23g) contains 70 calories, 0g of total fat, 0g of saturated fat, 0g of trans fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 25mg of sodium, 19g of total carbohydrates, 3g of dietary fiber, 10g of sugar, and 0g of protein.

There are six collective flavors of fruit snacks in this Fiber One product: We've got apple, blueberry, grape, orange, pineapple, and pear (with the former three fruits being pictured above). So, yeah, Fiber One certainly ain't kidding when they call this "Assorted Fruit!" Unfortunately, the way the assorted fruits are sorted is pretty disappointing. I had two packages of this snacks for this review, since they are pretty small, and the first bag only came with apple, blueberry, and grape. The second one had, like, one orange, one pineapple, and all pears instead of apples. I mean, I realize that you can only put so many fruit snack pieces into one package, but if you have about eight pieces each bag, then that leaves enough for one of each fruit and then some! C'mon, Fiber One, keep this packages a little more organized, yeah? If I had only eaten one package for this review, I would have only gotten to know what three of the flavors tasted like!

Okay, right off the bat: these things are really, really chewy. And I know I haven't had fruit snacks in a while, so maybe I just wasn't used to the chewiness, but a gave one each to a couple of my friends, and they were shocked just how chewy these things were as well. They're like chewy, soft, gummy, and extremely sticky all at once. Yeah... not a good companion for the old braces, I'll tell you what. Yeah, these had an almost gum-like consistency. Must be the fiber... 
Anyway, as for taste, these fruit snacks were super sweet and very fruity- and the grape ones taste like grape! So yay for that! I don't know why grape exclusively... It was the only flavor I wrote down about in my notes...!

Anyway, what to say about these fruit snacks? I don't know whether I should say they were good or just O.K! It's all because I never even eat fruit snacks, so I'm not really sure what a good fruit snack should taste like. But, in my own personal preferences, these snacks provided a delicious fruity and sweet combo, with plenty of variety on the fruit flavors. Now... if only Fiber One could get more than one of each flavor into a single bag... That'd be nice. Also, the texture needs to be worked on some. Seriously, fruit snacks aren't supposed to be that chewy. Maybe it's the fiber, so maybe it can't be helped- I dunno. Just be aware of the potent gumminess of these little babies! I would recommend trying these if you want fruit snacks with health benefits. I might buy these again, if I actually ate fruit snacks regularly.
I'd give Fiber One's Assorted Fruit Fruit Flavored Snacks a 6.5/10.

What is YOUR favorite Fiber One Fruit Snack flavor? Let us know in the comments below!

Till' then, this has been RiRi ri-porting!
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