Wednesday, June 5, 2013

In Just ONE MORE DAY...!!!

Yes, dear readers, in just ONE MORE DAY... Some awesome event will be taking place.
Christmas? Um, noooooo, way off.
Last Day of School? Getting close, but still no.
D-Day? Well, technically, YES, but don't go and spoil it!!! It's MY DAY!!!
Ohp- Secret's out! Yes, tomorrow, June 6th, is myyyyyy birthday!!! Whoopee!!! (You can tell I'm excited because I'm using, like, three whole exclamation points after every sentence).

Yep! Just about fifteen years ago, this little ball of sunshine (aka. me) was brought into this world! Did she think she would be writing her own blog at the time this picture was taken? Nope! I'm pretty sure she didn't even know what a "blog" was. So I guess she's come a pretty long way. She's grown smarter and more mature over the years, if I say so myself.
So, what am I doing for my birthday, you may ask? Well, tomorrow, on my OFFICIAL birthday-day, my family and I are all going out to eat at Honada, a local sushi restaurant in Pleasant Prarie. They have really good food- And I'm sticking to nothin' but the Teriyaki Chicken! Yum-yum! Well... I might want to get a Seaweed Salad too... And I love green tea. Gee, and then there's Red Bean Ice Cream, and Grilled Squid, and Miso Soup, and... Gee whiz. This may be tougher than I thought!
Oh, but before all that, even my day at school will be exciting! Why??? Welllll, in Italian, we're going to be eating Mostaciolli with Red Sauce, and in History we'll be having a pizza party, and in Biology, we'll be dissecting frogs! Sweet! It's like the WHOLE SCHOOL is celebrating my birth!!! I feel so honored!
And I'm probably gonna open up some presents tomorrow too. Most likely, anyway. I'm not entirely sure, since my brother (who is born on the 19th) and I will be having a combined party on the 22nd. All of our family will be there- It'll be really cool! And my brother and I have already settled on a cake flavor- Cookies & Cream! I can't wait!
But anyway, what do I want for my birthday? Hmm... Beatles stuff, Billy Joel stuff, healthy cookbooks, Barnes & Noble Gift Cards, a Mario-themed chess set, My Animix Gift Cards, jewelry, cooking or healthy magazines, CDs, posters, books, sheet music for my piano, money... Nothing major, really. Besides, on Saturday, my parents are taking me and several of my friends to Six Flags! What-what!!! That's pretty much a huge present in and of itself.
If you don't know, Six Flags is like a total roller-coaster EMPIRE. It'll be so much fun!!! And, I'm NOT gettin' just any old, average, only-good-for-the-day ticket... I'm getting a Season Pass! Whooooo! That means I can go to Six Flags as much as I want throughout the WHOLE ENTIRE SUMMER!!! How awesome is that?! At first, I was all afraid that my friends and I wouldn't be able to ride every roller coaster we're aiming for, but now that's not an issue. Even if we don't make everything in time, I can still come back! Some of my friends have Season Passes of their own too, so we could even hang out together at Six Flags over vacation!
But taking a break from the subject for a little bit, I sometimes wonder about growing up. I mean, last year, I thought to myself, "I've got everything figured out. I know how I feel about everything, and I know how to perfectly schedule my day. I know what I like and what I don't. My way of thinking right now is perfect- I'll never need to change." But in just one year, I have changed. And now I'm looking back at myself last year and saying, "Well, this or that was a stupid way to think. Why would I feel that way about such and such?"
You know what I'm saying? And I mean, right now even, I feel that I'm the smartest I can be, as mature as possible: I feel like I'll never need to think differently about anything, ever! Like I've got it all figured out. But truth is, I'm sure I DON'T! I'm 99% sure that by this time next year, I'll look back on how I am now and say, "Gee, I was so immature, so unintelligent." That's just how it is though. We change and grow all the time- I even heard that over the course of a decade, you'll  change into a completely different person than you were ten years ago. Weird, huh? So, I hope, that throughout this next year of my life, I'll grow and improve myself to be the very best I can be. We all must strive hard to work toward our aspirations and goals for ourselves!
So anyway, that's about all I've got to say! I just wanted to proclaim to all you out there reading this that tomorrow is NO ORDINARY DAY for me (Annnnnd if you want to get me some presents or wish me "Happy Birthday" or something, that'd be cool too. Nudge nudge, wink wink!) I don't know if there'll be a new blog post up by tomorrow- It all depends on how I'm feeling. If I want to write, I'll write; If I don't, I won't. Easy as that! Because it's MY BIRTHDAY. And I can do whatever I want!!!
...But don't worry; I won't do anything illegal. Unless having fun is a crime!!! Cuz' really, that's what birthdays are about. Having fun and just flat-out treating yourself! You're a whole nother' year older- Congrats! It's time to celebrate and just let go! Par-tay!!!

Till' next time, this has been RiRi Ri-Porting!
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