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REVIEW: McDonald's Premium McWrap Chicken & Bacon (Grilled)

Rounding out the trio of my McWrap reviews is McDonald's Premium Grilled Chicken & Bacon McWrap. This wrap features grilled chicken, thick cut Applewood smoked bacon, two half slices of tomato, spring greens, shredded lettuce, cheddar jack cheese, and creamy garlic sauce. All of this is served in a soft, warm tortilla. One McWrap, with fries and a Diet Coke, costs $5.99.

I've been holding off reviewing this certain McWrap for so long due to the fact that it contains the highest calorie count (at 460 with grilled chicken), but then you also have to think that this wrap has the highest amount of protein out of all three as well (35g)- and comes with BACON! It was only a matter time of time before I gave in to my desires.
As for the full nutritional facts, one Grilled Chicken & Bacon McWrap contains 460 calories, 18g of fat, 7g of saturated fat, 0g of trans fat (but contains partially hydrogenated soybean oil... weird), 95mg of cholesterol, 40g of carbohydrates, 3g of dietary fiber, 4g of sugar, 1330mg of sodium, 10% of your Vitamin A, 15% of your Calcium, 20% of your Iron, and 20% of your Vitamin C. One Grilled Chicken & Bacon McWrap weighs 9 oz, or 255g.
The odd packaging McDonald's uses for their McWraps had me ripping at the paper tabs like a doofus at first, but now it looks like I've finally gotten the hang of it. See? You can see in the picture aboce! Clean tear, right down the middle! My first McWrap's poor container was nearly ripped in two the first time I attempted to open one up. I guess it isn't so hard to open, once you learn how to do it. I've learned a lot from my experiences with the McWrap family... sigh...
Big, big McWrap! What are you hiding? Time to peel back the tortilla and see what's inside...
Four large strips of chicken, resting upon maroon-colored bacon. There's also some melted shredded cheese, two big slices of tomatoes, and a whole bunch of lettuce mixed with purple and emerald spring greens.

I believe first things first: We must test the bacon! I pulled out a surprisingly wide slice of bacon from the wrap and ate it bite by bite. The bacon had a smoky, meaty taste to it. Very good. The bacon slice was more chewy than crispy, which is totally fine by me, but some of you out there may prefer your bacon more on the crunchier side. Sadly, I ate the whole slice of bacon by itself without realizing that was the ONLY slice in the WHOLE McWrap. So I pretty much had to eat the whole thing baconless. I mean, seriously!? Couldn't you've used two, smaller bacon strips, or cut the big piece up into little bacon bits, McDonald's? I had NO IDEA the wrap only came with one slice. My bad! Now I feel like my taste-test won't be as accurate... But believe me, the bacon was tasty by itself, so logic dictates it MUST be tasty when paired with chicken and creamy sauce as well.
The always-consistent McDonald's grilled chicken was tender and tasty. No surprise. The lettuce added a good crunch to my McWrap, although I still can't tell the difference in taste between that and the fancy spring greens. The tomatoes were plump, but weren't memorable. The cheese was cheddary, but I was only able to tell because there was a big lump of it right in the center of my McWrap and I picked it up and ate it by itself. Otherwise, I don't think I would've been able to taste it. McDonald's uses cheese in their McWraps very sparingly. There definitely needs to be more of it in there. At least enough so that I can actually acknowledge the taste.
I certainly got the "creamy" feel from the creamy garlic sauce, but not so much the actual garlicky part. I honestly thought it was some kind of ranch at first. The sauce was very sweet, but there was a lot of it sitting at the bottom of my McWrap. It could've been dispersed better.
The tortilla was soft, as always. I think the tortillas McDonald's uses are a bit too thin, but this may be done on purpose just for the sake of more surface area for less calories. The tortilla's thinness makes it somewhat hard to hold, and a lot of ingredients fell out from the bottom.
Save for a few minor kinks, the last McWrap to be reviewed by me garners another thumbs up. Next time, I'll just need to remember to save the bacon, no matter how tempting it would be to eat the whole thing in one gulp. Along with the bacon, a few things are used too sparsely; like the cheese, for instance. But I feel this is what makes the McWraps so healthy in the first place: Small amounts of decadent items for appeal, like bacon and cheese, and bigger amounts of healthy items to fill out the rest of the wrap, like lettuce and tomatoes. This I conclude, along with a thin tortilla, leads the calorie amount to stay in a reasonable range.
Well, now that I've "collected" all three McWraps, I suppose I should give my general final thoughts about all of them... Like I said, they're all great, healthy items, as long as you use grilled chicken, and they're all very satisfying and tasty. At least to a gal like me, anyways. They may not appeal to die-hard Quarter Pounder fans- you know, the people who go to McDonald's looking for grease and beef and fried stuff and melty cheese- and I'm sure that these people will find a way to complain about the lack of indulgent ingredients in these wraps, but the McWraps don't need huge amounts of these items. They're already tasty enough as is. I wouldn't say they're the best fast food items to ever grace the planet, but they're a great new idea from McDonald's, and they're definitely what I'd be ordering if I were to hit up the joint for dinner. And gee, my favorite McWrap...? I don't know! The Sweet Chili Chicken has the most unique flavor, the Chicken & Ranch has irresistible, creamy ranch, and the Chicken & Bacon has... well... BACON! Perhaps I'd go with the Sweet Chili Chicken. I didn't like the Chicken & Ranch as much because the rice vinegar sauce McDonald's adds totally messes with the ranch dressing, but I'm sure if I were to order it without the vinegar the Chicken & Ranch'd probably surpass the Sweet Chili as my favorite. I love ranch. Probably even more than bacon. I've never been a big meat-on-meat fan to begin with. And there wasn't very much bacon anyway, sadly enough. But I love all the McWraps, no matter what flavor! And now... I feel a bit sad... A bit empty. My quest to try each and every one is all over... And now I'm left thinking, "What in the world will I review from McDonald's next?" Hmm...

Taste: 7.75/10
Price: 7/10
RiRi Rates McDonald's Premium McWrap Chicken & Bacon (Grilled) as: 7.5/10

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Till' next time, this has been RiRi Ri-porting!

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