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REVIEW: McDonald's Egg White Delight McMuffin

So... for one of my morning classes during school (I will not name which one), my teacher has been out for a few days now, and we've had the same substitute the whole time. This substitute is craaaazy cool, and although I won't name any names, he/she is one of the subs I can actually tolerate. Some subs are so blah, so boring; Some have no clue how to handle the class; Some subs are mean, some are old, some try to be funny (when they're NOT), and some subs... Some subs give you four pages of homework and say it'll be due the next day. Can you imagine how irritating it is to do all that work, to only have your real teacher come in the next day and say, "I never told the sub to assign you that." It's frustrating! I've learned that if homework assignments from subs are ridiculously long, you should just skip them altogether, because your teacher won't even ASK for them when they come back. Every time. I swear it!
But anyway, this certain sub for this certain class doesn't do any of that. Like I said, he/she's a coooool sub. One of the coolest I've ever had, anyway. So, a couple days into his/her substitution, two of my classmates asked if they could drive over to McDonald's to pick up some food and then come back. And can you believe it??? The sub actually let them go! I mean, wow! How coooooool is that?! If it's hard for you to understand, think of it is this way- We're not even allowed to leave school unless we have a release. And if we don't, someone has better lost an arm or barfing up a lung; Otherwise, good luck ducking out of class! I honestly couldn't believe my eyes when the two kids from my class came in with paper bags bearing the famous McDonald's logo.
"You guys went to McDonald's?" I said.
"Yeah." they replied.
"...Were you here when class first started?"
"(chuckles) Yeah."
"And you didn't get caught?"
"Yeah, it's pretty easy. Just don't go out by the gym doors."
"Oh." (looks at sub). "He/She actually let you go?"

Did I mention our sub is totally cool?! Anyway, my friend and I were pretty jealous. But we were inspired by our classmate's creativity and cleverness, and decided that the very next day, we would go out and do the exact same thing.
So we did!
We got our sub's permission, then walked out the front doors of our school like we knew what we were doing, and nobody asked us any questions. My friend, who is a junior, said it was the first time she had ever left school during class. It was mine too... But I'm just a timid, lowly freshmen!
My friend and I took her car over to McDonald's, and we decided to order inside, as she apparently has never really driven into a drive-thru before. Even though I had already had breakfast, I found this to be the perfect opportunity to try McDonald's New Egg White Delight McMuffin, before it's not so "new" anymore. I ordered one of those for $2.69, along with a medium coffee for $1.00.

Here's McDonald's take on their new, yolk-free breakfast item:

"Make your morning with 100%, freshly grilled egg whites, extra lean Canadian bacon and smooth white cheddar, stacked on a toasted English muffin made with eight grams of whole grain. Great taste for 250 calories."

Getting rid of the yolk also gets rid of the 50 extra calories you would normally find in McDonald's regular Egg McMuffin sandwich. McDonald's is also now offering to substitute egg whites for any normal egg in all of their breakfast sandwiches, so if you'd like to know the modified calorie counts for those, just subtract 50 calories from the original item, and you'll know how many the egg-white version contains. Besides the egg whites, the flavor of cheese used in the Egg White Delight is white cheddar instead of your typical orange American slices. And now, McDonald's switched over to using English Muffins with 8g of whole grain for all of their breakfast sandwiches, regardless of whether you want egg whites or not. I wonder if you can still order a whole-grain free McMuffin still... I mean, don't get me wrong, but they didn't always use wheat Muffins before, did they??? Huh... I can't recall.
Well, once we got back to class, it was time to eat! But I was still stuffed from breakfast. Oh boy, what a glutton! Geez! But we don't want this baby to get cold, do we? Of course not! That'd be wasteful.
Okay, so the Egg White Delight is about the same size as it's yolk-containing brother. Actually, according to McDonald's website, both breakfast sandwiches weigh in at about 4.8 ounces. So if you thought this sandwich would be smaller because the yolk's been removed from the equation, think again.
Unwrapping the paper encasing my Muffin, I found some of the white cheddar a-sticking to the sides. I scraped that up to give it a taste, and found it to still have that processed cheese texture. You know, smooth, squeaky- Not really natural. I thought since this would be "cheddar," the cheese wouldn't be processed, but once again looking at the web, I guess it has gone through a "pasteurizing process." Well... the white cheddar is "smooth," I'll give MickeyD's that!
Despite the feel of the cheese, and the disappointing fact that it was the same, everyday processed kind natural to McDonald's, it actually had a good taste! It didn't really evoke a "cheddar" flavor, like I thought it might- If anything, it tasted surprisingly similar to the typical American slices we're all so used to. However, the cheese did have a noticeable taste- It really stood out. It was creamy and melty, and I was glad it was there- Even if it wasn't much different from McDonald's standard American cheese. If anything, I'd say the white cheddar tastes just a degree sharper than the American, giving it the slight one-up on flavor. This cheese also melts different than the American- While the latter tends to retain most of its shape when hot, the cheddar melted all over- Like how I found it on the afore-mentioned paper wrapper. It also melted nice into the top of my English Muffin, which made it real soft. For the most part, it was hard to make out where exactly all the cheddar was- the pale color blended in perfectly with the egg whites.
Even with the car ride home, my Egg White Delight remained nice and warm before I took my first official bite. The English Muffin was toasted- Tasty, like always. Nice and crunchy on the outside, while perfectly warm and soft on the inside. I didn't think it tasted any different than usual, if this whole "8g of whole grain" thing is relatively new.
I was surprised by the overall taste of the Egg White Delight. Other reviewers who have tried this product have said that the salty taste of the ham particularly stands out since the egg yolk has been removed from the muffin, but I don't agree. I mean, it wasn't the sole star of the show, first of all- It was like the ham and cheese were the main attractions equally. Secondly, while the ham did stand out a great deal when compared to its role in the Egg McMuffin, it didn't stand out nearly as much as I was led into believing it would.  It was good, but it's not like it was a whole different experience or anything. Also, the ham wasn't nearly as salty as I'd imagined either. By the way some reviewers had talked, it sounded like a sodium-flavor-fest, but the ham's saltiness wasn't bad at all. Just enough to satisfy this blogger's taste buds! (Maybe not even quite enough...)
So, I suppose what you're all wondering is, "What about the egg whites? Those must taste totally bland." In reality, I thought the egg whites tasted great! They were chewy- Not dry or styrofoamy, which is a persistent problem of mine when I cook egg whites. The egg whites also don't carry a definite shape, unlike McDonald's whole eggs, which always come out in a consistent, circular look. I didn't even miss the golden yolk. To tell you the truth, I even prefer the egg-white only muffin to the whole egg- And no just because it's healthier. I like my yolks when they're still liquidy and runny, so that they can pop! and squirt out when you bite into your egg, and McDonald's always cooks their yolks until their completely solid. I hate how solid yolks have that powdery feel to them. Makes my mouth dry. I don't like it. The Egg White Delight was an overall more delightful experience for me than the classic Egg McMuffin.
And I think you yolkless skeptics out there will enjoy the Egg White Delight too. I mean, yeah, it's like, "No yolks? Whaaaaaaat? Bleh!" But you'll barely notice they're gone. Even though the yolk is missing, the ham and cheese make up plenty for the missed taste. I mean, thanks to the Egg White Delight, these two components get their chance to stand in the limelight, I suppose. The egg whites were all around tasty too, so it's not like you'll ever feel like you're missing out on the egg completely. The English Muffin is also toasty and crisp. With all of these solid flavors working together, you yolk-fanatics will be pleasantly surprised how good a breakfast sandwich can taste without the "golden treasure."
Anyway, to sum it all up, I enjoyed the Egg White Delight much more than I thought I would! A healthy, tasty egg sandwich that can hold its own against the Egg McMuffin, it'd definitely be the first thing I'd order if I found myself visiting McDonald's during breakfast time.

Nutrition: 8/10
Taste: 7/10
Price: 6/10
Originality: 6/10
Overall Deliciousness Rating: 7.5/10

McDonald's Egg White Delight McMuffin

  • Pros: English Muffin toasted perfectly, 8g of whole grains, tasty cheese, succulent ham, egg whites surprisingly tasty, egg whites aren't dry or overcooked, same size as Egg McMuffin, good source of protein, remained warm, tastes a lot like the Egg McMuffin, only 250 calories, ham and cheese get their chance to shine, don't miss the yolk, satisfying.
  • Cons: Cheese is processed and doesn't taste that much different than McDonald's American slices, cheese melts funny and is hard to see, not really that much different than an Egg McMuffin.
Have you ever tried the Egg White Delight? What did you think? What is your favorite breakfast item from Mickey D's? Write your thoughts down below in the comments section! I'd love to know what you think!

Till' next time, this has been RiRi Ri-porting!

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