Thursday, November 14, 2013

REVIEW: General Mills Trix Cereal Bar

Here's another cereal bar I found to be schoolclusive (as in, school-exclusive), since I haven't seen it in stores, or anywhere else besides our cafeteria, for that matter. It's a Trix Cereal Bar, made by General Mills. Since this is a school bar, and must fit within a regular student's budget, I'm gonna use some logic here and say this bar is about 75 cents to $1 a la carte.

One 40g bar has 150 calories, 30 of them being from fat, 3g of total fat, 0.5g of saturated fat, 0g of trans fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 110mg of sodium, 30g of total carbohydrates, 3g of dietary fiber, 9g of sugar, and 2g of protein. Also contains 20% of your daily calcium needs.
I'm not a big fan of fruity-flavored cereals, corn-based cereals, or cereals that resemble rainbow droppings (Seriously, when's the last time you've seen purple-colored grain in the wild?!). So, Trix is kinda working against the odds here. I might be incredibly biased and say I hate this bar right away. But you have to have an open mind when you're a food reviewer. Scratch that- it's good to have an open mind ANYTIME. So I'm not going to turn this bar down just because Trix isn't quite nearly my favorite cereal out there.
But, I have to be completely honest, this is one ugly bar. I mean, seriously! Look at how the oats contrast with the Trix cereal, which seems a lot less brighter than I remember it being (And remember when Trix was shaped like actual fruit??? Those were the days...) It looks like a big pile of who-knows-what you might find in a corner of an unkempt basement. It just does NOT look appealing. And hey- General Mills had time to dye the crisped rice blue and red (weird)- why didn't they do the same for the oats? Then maybe this bar would look a little less icky. It doesn't help that it's compacted into a nearly perfect manufactured brick shape either.
But while appearance is one thing, taste it another. So let's see how this Trix bar is...
Thankfully, the fruit taste of original Trix is not spurned on this bar. And although I said I don't really like fruity cereals, I think I missed the taste of Trix this whole time. I didn't realize it all these years, but I did. But while the taste is preserved here, the texture is not. I don't know what it is about these cereals bars that makes every cereal piece taste stale. Not like rock hard solid- more like oddly chewy -but still. The oats are chewy too, but in a different way, and contrast rather oddly with the puffy, not as dense, more-easily-able-to-melt-in-the-mouth cereal. I thought the opposing textures were off-putting at first, but I got used to it by the time I had finished off the bar. This bar was also a sticky, airy, and light, just to give you some more sensory details.
Even though it had a weird texture and disdainful appearance, this was actually a sweet bar that tasted just like Trix... with the addition of oats. I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't buy it again because it wasn't ALL THAT great. It was just an average type of cereal bar. I'm glad it was able to keep the familiar Trix taste we all know and love, however.
I think I would give this bar a 6/10.

What cereal bars do YOU like??? Tell me down below in the comments section!

Till' then, this has been RiRi ri-porting!
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