Saturday, November 9, 2013

REVIEW: Torani Sugar Free Raspberry Syrup

Time for another review of Torani! This time I'm going to try out their raspberry-flavored coffee syrup... sugar-free, of course. I was a BIT wary of trying this flavor at first- I mean, raspberry-flavored coffee? That doesn't sound NEARLY as appealing as more conventional flavors, like vanilla or caramel. But when you write reviews everyday, you gotta be willing to try something new. Otherwise, you'll never have any new material!!! So, anyway, one 375 mL bottle costs around $5.19.

This syrup is sugar-free, so it consequently has zero calories per serving. There is one small carbohydrate gram in each ounce, so, techinically, there are actually around 4 calories per two tablespoon serving. Still, that's barely ANYTHING compared to all those sugary-filled syrups. Also contains 10mg of sodium.
Whew! This syrup packs a strong scent of berries. Haha, I like it!!! Alright, I'm going to test this in (1) Greek yogurt, (2) coffee- doy, and (3) tea. First, let's start with the Greek yogurt, since I'm TOTALLY famished! Lunchtime is calling my name!!!

This doesn't have to do anything with the taste, but I can't help but notice that this syrup isn't all that dark. I thought it would turn my yogurt a deep red, but it's barely reaching pink here. Well, I must say, I am ALREADY surprised by this syrup!
And now we just add some milk and cereal... and voila! Lunch is served! And how fun, I get to review while I eat.

So, this syrup tastes A LOT better than I imagined it would. I thought it wouldn't taste good- you know, maybe have a bitter aftertaste or something. I thought it would be hard for Torani to create an appealing raspberry flavor while, at the same time, cutting out all the sugar. But, to my surprise, this syrup tasted incredibly sweet! It had a remarkable taste of raspberries as well. It worked GREAT in my bowl of yogurt. I'm impressed.
Now time for coffee! This syrup was OK in my coffee, but I definitely needed to mix in some milk as well. Raspberries and black coffee just do NOT work well together. It was a very chemically and awkward taste. Thankfully, adding milk balanced out the two tastes, and my drink was suddenly all better.
This syrup also works great in tea, something I wasn't too shocked to find out. Raspberry is more of a tea flavor, don't you think? I didn't need to add milk this time. The syrup was tasty in my mug of green tea and added a bunch of much-appreciated sweetness.
So, after trying it in everything I would use it in during a day in the life of me, I find this flavor syrup from Torani to be a totally delicious add-in. It worked fantasically in yogurt and milk and tea- nooooot so much in black coffee. But, overall, this syrup works for me! It's sweet and full of raspberry taste, and doesn't contain a chemically or bitter aftertaste either.
This is a great syrup: 8.5/10!

Do you like any of Torani's flavors? If so, which ones? Write your thoughts in the comment section below!

Till' then, this has been RiRi ri-porting!

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