Wednesday, November 20, 2013

REVIEW: Subway's Flatbread

Today, I had originally planned to write a review for Subway's Egg White, Ham, and Cheese sandwich, but I figured, "Eh, I order that ALL THE TIME. I would obviously say it's good, and it's not really a "new" or "hot" item, so what's the point?" It'd be a useless post, unless there are a FEW choice people out there who reeeeally wanna know how one of Subway's select breakfast sandwiches tastes, sans the yolk. But I'll save that post for it on another day. For now, all you need to know is that I will be reviewing the specific BREAD I ordered my sandwich on- Subway's Flatbread. This bread offers no up-charge to your sub.

One six-inch cut of flatbread contains 220 calories, 40 of them being from fat, 4.5g of total fat, 1g of saturated fat, 0g of trans fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 340mg of sodium, 38g of total carbohydrates, 2g of dietary fiber, 2g of sugar, and 7g of protein. Also contains 15% of the daily recommended value of iron.

Subway's flatbread is too hard to roll up and might break without toasting, so don't be surprised if you aren't asked if you want yours toasted or not. Toasting makes it more pliable. My flatbread was crispy around the edges, but they may have been due to the fact I wanted to microwave my sandwich for a minute after we had gotten home. For the most part, theISflatbread is soft and cushiony. It's also very chewy. Sadly, I don't think there was much of a flavor to the bread. It was kind of bland. Maybe it's just me, but I thought it could've used some sort of seasoning... or at least salt. I prefer my bread to have more of a distinct flavor (like, I fell in LOVE with Subway's Garlic Bread just last week). So, sad to say it, I found this flatbread to be a bit boring.
I really don't have much to report about Subway's flatbread because it really didn't have much of a flavor to report ON. I mean, it was chewy, it was soft, it had a great texture- it just didn't leave much of a taste impression on my tongue. Pardon the pun, but Subway's flatbread fell a bit... flat. Haha.
Well, okay- My words might be coming out as rather harsh. This bread isn't UNtasty. It's good bread. It just doesn't have anything that makes it stand out. I mean, it's not inedible- I'd eat it if it were the only option, for sure- But... I feel Subway has better breads than this, so I'll give their Flatbread a 6.75/10. Maybe if Subway added some unique, Middle-Eastern (Middle-East... That's where flatbread comes from, right?) spice, I'd find it more enjoyable. Till' then, I'll keep ordering Garlic Bread- It's a limited time option anyway, so might as well take advantage.

What breads do YOU enjoy from Subway? Be sure to speak your mind down in the comments below!

Till' then, this has been RiRi ri-porting!

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