Friday, February 14, 2014

LOCAL REVIEW: Gateway Cafe of Kenosha

It's Valentine's Day, and love is in the air! Ahhhh... Each reader gets a complimentary kiss on the forehead. Kiss for you... Mwaah! Kiss for you... Mwaah! Kiss for you... Mwaah! Kis for you...
But just kidding. Most of you probably have someone special to kiss your forehead for you. If not, join the club.
Anyway guys, you better be taking your gal somewhere pretty special for Valentine's dinner. Iffin' you ARE taking her to Valentine's dinner. If I had a date (my lack of which I'm oddly ever-to-eager to proclaim), I would have him take me to somewhere that serves breakfast 24/7. It doesn't have to be some fancy place, no sir. I'm fine with the breakfast, thanks. And if my date suggests we go out for breakfast without even having to take my heed, he is probably Mr. Right. 
And where would I like to go for breakfast specifically? Well... the Gateway Cafe is certainly a viable option here in town. I wouldn't mind going there at all, just to give you guys a little review spoiler. But, today I'll be going over there menu items, prices, service, etc, to make sure that you guys are taking your gals to a restaurant that will fit both your Valentin-y tastes. Or whatever tastes. 

So, the Gateway Cafe has a TON of things on its menu. I'm not kidding. It's huge. Maybe not as huge as the Cheesecake Factory's menu or something, but its pretty extensive. To describe the food items? In short, it's kind of like "American Mom Trying to go Through a Huge Recipe Books With Lots of Different Ethnicities." In short, anyway. You got your classic American staples, and they're done fairly well- burgers, sandwiches, wraps, barbecue ribs, broasted chicken, meatloaf, big steaks, breaded fish, and chicken wings- you knooooow.... the healthy stuff. But there are also Greek dishes, like gyros, Greek salad, and spinach pie; Chinese dishes, like vegetable, chicken, and beef stir fries; Italian dishes, like spaghetti and meatballs, ravioli, chicken parmesan, and stuffed shells; and Mexican dishes, like taco salad and mini tacos. There are also "Waist Watchers" meals, appetizers other than the mini tacos, and desserts. But if you think the options ended there, my friend, then you are sorely mistaken. There's also breakfast! Eggs served with any meat under the sun, omelettes, skillets, french toast, German pancakes, potato pancakes, danish pancakes, Swedish pancakes, regular pancakes, Belgium waffles, Alaskan waffles, fruit crepes, cheese crepes, croissants, biscuits 'n gravy... Plus there are over 20 kinds of pie available. I could spend all day telling you what is on the Gateway Cafe's menu, but I think it might make more sense just to show you here.

For my reviewing trip at the Gateway Cafe, I ordered the Spinach and Feta Cheese Omelette- the food item that made this place capture my eye to being with. I requested the omelette be made with Egg Beaters, which is 50 cents extra. Along with it came my choice of American Fries or Hash Browns, and Toast or Pancakes (I chose the latter on both accounts). All this for only $7.39. A lot of food, not a lot of cash.
Once my family's meals came (and trust me, they came quick), I was able to sit down to a deliciously made omelette. It was fluffy and light (albeit pretty buttery), and contained flavorful, melty feta cheese and shredded spinach, like the kind you get frozen. It probably was frozen spinach, but wasn't at freezing temperature, so that's good. The American fries I got with my omelette were pretty much the same thing as hash brown, only sliced like potato chips; they were crispy on the outside, and buttery and chewy on the inside, like french fries, kind of! The pancakes were fluffy, scrumptious, and very sweet- but I suppose anything can be sweet if you put a ton of maple syrup on top.
I also got to try some of my stepfather's Chicken Noodle Soup; it has perfectly hot and plenty flavorful. The cubes of chicken were nice and chewy and there were a TON of noodles. Overall, the food can be a bit buttery, but the Gateway Cafe offers plenty of different menu items that are sure to please.

The Gateway Cafe's service was... okay: the waitress we had wasn't overbearingly friendly, but she wasn't totally mean either. She was more of an all-business kind of gal. Which I guess isn't as bad as a flat-out jerky server or a completely clueless one.

To conclude, maybe Gatway Cafe isn't the best place to take your date for Valentine's Day- unless you two really like breakfast, that is. But going here for a date date? Sure! With plenty of options on the menu, there's pretty much no chance of your date having trouble finding something they like to eat. There may not be any chocolate-covered strawberries, but you could just share an Alaskan waffle- Mmm... gigantic waffle covered whipped cream, ice cream, maple syrup, and... hey! Strawberries in their own syrup! There's the strawberries for ya'... Who needs chocolate-covered strawberries? I sure don't! Now, if you don't mind, I'm gonna go crawl up with a pint of Ben & Jerry's and watch Pretty Woman.
I'd give the Gateway Cafe an 8/10.

Till' then, this has been RiRi ri-porting!

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