Tuesday, February 4, 2014

REVIEW: Kashi GoLean Crunchy! Honey Almond Flax

Okay guys, major dilemma: I've been reviewing so many Kashi products as of late that it seems all of my witty Kashi review post openers have drained out of my brain. And it doesn't help that the name GoLean Crunch! Honey Almond Flax doesn't really jog the imagination. I mean, what am I supposed to say? This is like a cereal that the grown up Buzz from Honey Nut Cheerios would promote?
...Actually, that's not too bad. Yeah, I guess that works.
And anyway, what is WITH Kashi putting all these flax seeds in everything?! I suppose they ARE a good source of Omega 3's, but it's not like I care about that. Yeah, I'm a bit narcissistic, so sue me!
So, I'm hoping this Kashi cereal tastes as good as their Toasted Berry Crumble, which I found worthy of a perfect score. Fingers crossed!
A 14 oz. box costs around $3.99.

A 53g cup of cereal contains 200 calories, 45 of them being from fat, 5g of total fat, 0.5g of saturated fat, 0g of trans fat, 2g of polyunsaturated fat, 2.5g of monounsaturated fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 140mg of sodium, 350mg of potassium, 35g of total carbohydrates, 8g of dietary fiber, 12g of sugar, and 9g of protein.

Tearing open the top of the bag full of cereal, I was greeted by the sweet smell of honey and some decent size granola-like chunks. I say granola-like because I seriously doubt real granola has puffed rice in it. But don't worry- you still got your traditional oats in here and whatnot, as long as some itty-bitty flax seeds to fill up the cracks.

So, taking a few handfuls of this cereal dry, I found it to taste sweet, but not super sweet- like honey. It was a very natural and mild kind of sweetness. The taste was also very hearty and crazy crunchy, but the puffed rice added some soft and airy relief to it all. There were also a lot more almond slices than I expected,which as good- sure, they were cut thin, but each little slice added tasty bursts of nutty flavor.

This cereal essentially tasted the same when eaten in milk. Perhaps the taste of the cereal was a little more subtle, however, as it was doused in milk. The cereal remained crunchy for a long time- which was good -but all the almonds and flax seeds sunk to the bottom of the bowl... Which I guess is pretty good too. Perhaps not everyone wants their last couple bites to be nothing but almonds and flax seeds, but I don't mind.

To conclude, this cereal wasn't amazing, but it was better than average. It was no match for Kashi's Toasted Berry Crumble, but something in my gut told me that that was how it was gonna be anyway. I think this cereal could've been sweeter- it's not impossible, the Berry Crumble proved that -but this cereal wasn't so UNsweet that I was turned off by it. I enjoyed the crunchy, hearty texture and taste a lot though, so at least this Honey Almond Flax has THAT going for it. Plus, it's a good cereal to enjoy in milk! I MIGHT buy this cereal again, but the chances are kinda slim. There are just other Kashis that I care for more.
I'd give Kashi's Honey Almond Flax Cereal a 6.5/10.

What Kashi cereal should be reviewed NEXT? Let us know in the comments below!

Till' then, this has been RiRi ri-porting!
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