Friday, January 10, 2014

REVIEW: belVita Oats & Chocolate Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuit

belVita's Mixed Berry Soft Baked Bar was pretty delicious by my verdict, so I'm back for more to try their new Oats & Chocolate Bar! I honestly always tend to think at first glance that chocolate-flavored products will most likely beat out berry-flavored ones by taste (except gum. Chocolate gum sounds gross), but I guess we'll see. An 8.8 oz. box with five 1.76 oz. bars costs around $2.98.

A 50g biscuit contains 200 calories, 60 of them being from fat, 7g of total fat, 1g of saturated fat, 0g of trans fat, 2g of polyunsaturated fat, 4g of monounsaturated fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 150mg of sodium, 85mg of potassium, 32g of total carbohydrates, 5g of dietary fiber, 10g of sugar, and 3g of protein.

Well, what we got here is a fairly simple-looking bar, not a lot going on. It's made up mostly of oats, resulting in a dense and soft, albeit awfully crummy base, with just a few chocolate chunks. One here, one there. It's not much to look at, but of course neither was the Mixed Berry flavor, and that one turned out to be scrumptious anyway.

This bar tasted pretty moist, but at the same time tasted pretty dry. You get what I'm saying? During one point in your bar you'll say, "This is so moist!" but during another you'll say, "No, this tastes dry." It all depends on timing, y'see. Some standard adjectives to use on this bar would be soft, moist, chewy, hearty, and dense. The taste is also fairly sweet and rich. One major downfall of this belVita bar is the lack of chocolatey taste. Yeah, chocolately? More like chocoNOTy. If you're not taking a bite with some chocolate chunks in it, the taste is, like, 85% oats. This wouldn't be a problem if there was MORE chocolate chunks in the bar, but there are only a few, like an occasional treat every bite and again. Maybe belVita could've flavored the oats with cocoa powder for some added chocolatey flavor? You might say no, that'd be chocolate overload, but I'd say well, this bar needs it.

belVita's Oats & Chocolate Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuit had a lot of good things going for it: It was sweet, rich, soft, and moist. The chocolate was soft and melty, as if it belonged in a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. Unfortunately, there was an abysmal lack of chocolate flavor. It was pretty much only to be found in the chocolate chunks themselves, but there weren't even THAT many of those... Nevertheless, the bar still tasted pretty good, even if it weren't necessarily chocolatey. The Mixed Berry belVita won This flavor test, but not by a huge landslide. I could see myself buying these again maybe, but I wouldn't exactly jump at the chance.
I'd give belVita's Oats & Chocolate Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuit a 6/10.

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