Thursday, January 23, 2014

REVIEW: Kellogg's Special K Sour Cream & Onion Cracker Chips

Next product I'll be reviewing on my newfound chip kick is these Sour Cream & Onion Cracker Chips from Special K. Why Sour Cream & Onion, you may ask? Well, unlike the Honey Barbecue review I posted a little while ago, I did NOT pick this flavor because it had "NEW!" in the title. In fact, I think it's a pretty safe bet to say this is one of the oldest available flavors of the Cracker Chips. I only picked this flavor because sour cream and onion is my downfall potato chip flavor. I can turn up my nose to regular potato chips, or cheddar, or salt & vinegar, but sour cream and onion seems to trip me up more than the rest. So I guess you could say it's my favorite potato chip flavor...? Anyway, a 4 oz. box costs around $2.88.
A 27 chip serving (30g) contains 110 calories, 25 of them being from fat, 2.5g of total fat, 0.5g of saturated fat, 0g of trans fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 230mg of sodium, 170mg of potassium, 22g of total carbohydrates, 3g of dietary fiber, 1g of sugar, and 2g of protein.

These chips, like all Special K chips, are like little, edible Frisbees (What I mean is they're circular, if that's too hard to get). The texture is light and airy, but still manages to convey a good amount of crunch. Unlike regular potato chips, these things aren't greasy be any meaning of the word.
As much as I like Sour & Cream, my first impression of these chips was not all that great. The taste was definitely that of sour and cream, and yet... it was missing something. More like two things. Namely, the saltiness and creaminess of REAL sour cream and onion chips. The little amount of salty in the taste made these chips feel rather bland. And without that slight creamy accent you get from REAL sour and cream potato chips, I felt somewhat disappointed.
And have you seen how much seasoning is on these things?! Check out the picture below... I don't know if you can tell, but that's a sour cream and onion seasoning MOUNTAIN. Granted, I had reached the bottom of the chip bag and poured out all the remaining little bites on to a napkin, but still. What kind of chips, pray tell, ever have THAT much seasoning settling at the end of the bags? And trust me, this wasn't the kind of seasoning you'd want to eat pure. It's like a super sour concentration of sour cream and onion- a little bitter too. Yeah... not fun.

To conclude, these cracker chips did NOT deliver the anticipatory, delicious taste of sour cream and onion I so desired. The taste of sour cream and onion WAS there, but it was just...meh. So-so. Plus, there was an abnormal amount of seasoning used on these chips, and it wasn't even that good. I guess this would be a good fix if you are dying for a healthy sour cream and onion fix while on a diet, but not if that isn't the case. I wouldn't be to apt to buy these again.
I'd give Kellogg's Special K Sour Cream & Onion Cracker Chips a 5/10.

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Which Special K Cracker Chip should be next on the review lineup? Let us know in the comments below!

Till' then, this has been RiRi ri-porting!
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