Monday, January 27, 2014

REVIEW: Nature Valley Oats 'n Dark Chocolate Protein Crunchy Granola

My previous taste-test of Nature Valley's new protein granola left me and my tummy full of tasty granola deliciousness, so of course I HAD to try another flavor on their line- Oats 'n Honey sounds good and all, but of course my heart belongs to a little ditty titled Oats 'n Dark Chocolate. Not only is it CHOCOLATE, but it's DARK CHOCOLATE! Annnnnd it's full of protein! It's like this granola was made for me!
An 11 oz. bag of granola costs around $3.98.

A 1/2 cup serving (50g) contains 210 calories, 50 of them being from fat, 5g of total fat, 1.5g of saturated fat, 0g of trans fat, 1g of polyunsaturated fat, 2.5g of monounsaturated fat, 0mg of cholesterol, 140mg of sodium, 125mg of potassium, 32g of total carbohydrates, 2g of dietary fiber, 14g of sugar, and 10g of protein.

This granola cereal contains big oat clusters and small oat clusters, all supplemented with sweet bits of dark chocolate here and there. This granola is also made with soy protein isolate buds, which of course, supplies the protein.
Eaten dry, there granola cereal is super crunchy and plenty hearty. The crunchiness of the oats paired with the smoothness of the chocolate chunks makes for a truly awesome combo. The chocolate tasted strong and sweet, and definitely gave the oats another layer of depth.

In milk, the granola remained plenty crunchy for most of the time, but after sitting around for awhile it softened up just a touch. The granola was still plenty sweet, but the taste of chocolate was noticeably less evident. For this reason, I prefer to eat this granola dry over in milk, but both ways are still very tasty.

This granola, like it's Oats 'n Honey brother, is totally delicious and addictive. I think I liked this kind of Nature Valley granola better than the other since the chocolate made things a bit more interesting than having just plain oats, which is the case in the Oats 'n Honey favor. Thankfully, I haven't eaten the whole bag of granola yet, but I definitely'll have to watch myself in order NOT to. I'd definitely buy this kind of granola again.
I'd give Nature Valley's Oats 'n Dark Chocolate Protein Crunchy Granola a 8.5/10

What is YOUR favorite brand of granola? Let us know in the comments below!

Till' then, this has been RiRi ri-porting!
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